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The Organic Flower Advantage

We hear the word 'organic' everywhere these days. Be it food or clothing, organic is very much in fervor. The credit goes to the environment safe side of being organic. Today, anything but flowers are also organic. There will be many who would have nothing but the original natural flowers only but there are people who appreciate the wonderful thing about organic flowers as well. If you fall in the second class, you can read on to know some engaging facts about the same.

First, one should know the way the normal flowers are grown. These flowers are grown using a huge amount of manure, herbicides and synthetic insecticides. All these discussed synthetic things affect the healthiness of the farmers in a negative way, courtesy- the high quantity of poisons present in them. Further, these flowers are transported in frozen compartments that release a big amount of dangerous energy to keep the flowers fresh. So, the rose water you use on your face would don't do any good and could be dangerous instead. For a total skin treatment you can use the products like Exposed Skin-care product. You would observe great results!

The second factor that goes against the utilisation of the regular flowers is the condition of the laborers who work in the fields. These workers are mostly low wagers and they're made to work in inhumane conditions. The most common issue is the insecticides sickness that these workers suffer with. If you take a hike in a flower farm, you would notice workers with symptoms like queasiness, headache, dizzy spells and gut rot which suggest insecticide sickness. Many get skin allergies and acne because of being exposed to a noxious environment. It is for that reason that California reports flowers as the 6th cause behind insecticide sickness. If the regular beautiful smelling flower could pose so many health worries then the organic flowers are much better and equally good.

While there are many risks of regular flowers, these issues are largely restricted to the growers. The receiver of these flowers wouldn't have to handle all these health risks . In fact, even the florist who deals with these flowers day in and day out is on the safe side. But nonetheless, the environmental impact of these numerous flowers that are drowned in a million chemicals is undoubted.

As regular flowers, continue to cast a result on the environment, organic flowers prove to be more environment-friendly. They are treated thru certificated measures to be certain that you get a chemical free flower. Of course, they ensure better conditions for workers and a better environment. But in addition, they have a tendency to last longer too.

So, do go forward and choose organic flowers to embellish your home or present them to a friend or family member. Of course, it's not only good for the environment, but also good for your soul.


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